Andrei Krasko's commemoration event took place at V. F. Komissarzhevskaya theater, where he had once started as a stagehand and later acted in Andorra.

The event was sponsored by regional charitable institution "Bolshaya medveditsa (Ursa Major)". Initially, it was to coincide with Andrei's fiftieth anniversary, but the difficulties with getting his friends and relatives together in summer postponed the event till the end of fall.

The theater lobby housed a photograph exhibition. Among others, it displayed several pictures, which did not seem to be published before, including three from ill-fated Kukaracha.

The event was hosted by Andrei Maksimkov, known to many in St. Pete as the anchorman of Evenings at the Polytechnic. The center of the stage was taken by a white tree with two white ribbons, which in the course of the event served as a screen to show photo- and video materials (we attempted to take pictures, some of the results are presented below – the quality is understandably far from perfect).

In the front on the left, there stood a garden bench, where all conversations were held. The interviewees included directors who filmed Krasko in their movies – Aleksandr Rogozhkin and Valery Rozhnov; actors and actresses who performed alongside him on the screen and on the stage (Kirill Ulyanov, Artur Vakha – he also read a letter from stage director Yuri Butusov, Kira Kreilis-Petrova, Vera Karpova, Semyon Furman); his fellow students (Lidiya Nikitina, Sergei Koshonin, Yelena Solovyova, Natalya Fomenko) who even sang two songs of those times; and his childhood friend Andrei Pronichev who went together with Andrei to TYuT [Theater of Youth Creativity] at the Palace of Young Pioneers. Sergei Garmash sent a video message, and Mikhail Porechenkov, Konstantin Khabensky and Mikhail Trukhin - a telegram. Coming onto the stage was also Ben Bentsianov and, of course, Ivan Ivanovich Krasko.

The event ended with He Didn't Come Back from a Battle sung by Andrei Krasko at a concert in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky. The audience went up on their feet.

photograph exhibition (48 kB)

Photograph exhibition in the theater hall

white tree on the stage (25 kB)

White tree on the stage used as a screen

Andrei Krasko's photograph (32 kB)

Andrei Krasko's photograph

Personal Visit (40 kB)

As bus driver in Personal Visit

Dialog at a TV (43 kB)

A student sketch to Vysotsky's Dialog at a TV

Boldino Autumn (38 kB)

As Sisin in Boldino Autumn

Peculiarities of National Fishing (35 kB)

As Vityok in Peculiarities of National Fishing

72 meters (34 kB)

As Captain Yanychar in 72 Meters

Andrei Maksimkov (37 kB)

Event host Andrei Maksimkov

Andrei Pronichev (37 kB)

Childhood friend Andrei Pronichev

Aleksandr Rogozhkin (37 kB)

Film director Aleksandr Rogozhkin

Aleksandr Rogozhkin and Kirill Ulyanov (41 kB)

Aleksandr Rogozhkin and Kirill Ulyanov

Lidiya Nikitina (38 kB)

Fellow student Lidiya Nikitina

Kira Kreilis-Petrova (30 kB)

Actress Kira Kreilis-Petrova

Vera Karpova (36 kB)

Actress Vera Karpova

Ben Bentsianov (58 kB)

Stage veteran Ben Bentsianov

Artur Vakha (35 kB)

Actor Artur Vakha

Sergei Garmash (35 kB)

Actor Sergei Garmash

Semyon Furman (24 kB)

Actor Semyon Furman

Valery Rozhnov (31 kB)

Film director Valery Rozhnov

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